Blogging for me is like standing on a balcony, not very high above the street so I can chat with people if I wanted to, but also wide enough so I can step back when I need to hide away.

This space is about my reflections on my life essentials; walking around in cities, books, & coffee. For the sake of my professional development this is viewed in the context of urban development. So, I will be blogging about walking, books, & coffee in cities.

Those who write, know how sometimes ideas and phrases flow out of one’s body and struggle to be written somewhere. In a similar way I have been writing all my life. However, before I used to watch as these magical letters are written in the air then fade away, and only recently decided to write them down.

My posts are of course personal and even though my writing style can be a bit dramatic, discussing the urban issues is very much related to studying International Cooperation and Urban Development.



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