Could a word ever enclose so many emotions?!

Photos by Nowhere Girl

“I’m going to go home. Everything is going to be normal again. Boring again. Wonderful again.”

― Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere.

I am going home. I don’t know when, but I am, and I’m super psyched about it! This month marks my 22nd month of being away. I’m sure home will not look the same as when I left it, but it will be home. There has been so much talk and self-analysis about the future lately. And if I were to rank the times where I’ve been most unsure of in my life, this would make it to the top 5 easily. But the future will have to figure itself out. For now, I know I’m going home.

Photo taken November 2012 in San Carlos City, Philippines.

Copyright Tanya Vill 2012

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